Prevention of corrosion under insulation :CUI defense

Moisture is a known enemy of traditional and common insulation. However, heavy rainfall, high humidity, and constant exposure to ocean air are unavoidable for most refineries and petrochemical plants. Equipment insulation helps maintain optimal operating conditions, increase efficiency and reduce energy costs, but exposes equipment to a more serious problem, corrosion below the insulation surface.

Aerogel insulation eliminates the risk CUI due to equipment dryness, excellent hydrophobicity and breathability. PANDA IRrogel Insulators can be used for hot and cold (cryogenic) operating conditions from -200 to +650 ºC and prevents  corrosion under insulation in all temperature conditions.

Advantages of using aerogel insulation:

  • Protection of valuable equipment 

The excellent performance of aerogel insulations significantly reduces the thickness of these insulators compared to traditional insulations. Thinner layers of insulation completely cover the equipment and prevent CUI due to hydrophobicity.

  • Program guarantee 

Aerogel insulators are hydrophobic and can be installed online. Therefore, projects are not at risk of delays due to rain or snow, and installation teams can continue to work. Many sites can also operate before installing exterior insulation.

  • Faster inspection and maintenance cycles 

Aerogel insulators can be easily removed and reused, saving not only the cost of purchasing new insulation but also the cost of reinstallation, which makes inspection and maintenance cycles faster and easier.

  • Passive fire protection

In addition to unparalleled thermal performance, aerogel insulators passively protect equipment from fire. conventional fire protection methods, cause CUI due to water being trapped between the fire insulation and the equipment. Aerogel fire protection insulator does not cause any corrosion under insulation.

PANDA IRogel Prevention of corrosion under insulation (aerogel-CUI)