aerogel Additive: IRoadd Aerogel insulation PANDA IRogel insulation IRoadd powder

Due to the hydrophobicity of silica aerogel powder, adding it to water-based products requires special techniques and formulations. IRoadd is a silica aerogel powder and is formulated in such a way that it can be easily and directly added and mixed with the desired products. Nanoporous aerogels are biocompatible materials with unique properties and high quality, which in the least amount cause excellent thermal insulation, sound insulation and hydrophobic properties in various materials.

Quick and easy to add to water-based materials including:

  • Water based paint
  • Plaster
  • Cement

Advantages of using aerogel additive:

  • Quick and easy mixing with different water-based materials
  • Creates very good thermal insulation properties and good sound insulation
  • Creates anti-burn and anti-fire properties
  • Creates waterproof property and prevents water penetration
  • Create great properties with very small amounts of additives
  • Long-term stability and durability

Aerogel insulation paint is obtained by adding aerogel to water-based paints, which has a very good thermal insulation property can be used in various industrial equipments as well as construction industries. Cement and gypsum containing aerogels are used in the construction industry to create unique thermal and acoustic insulation properties and save energy. Aerogels are hydrophobic and provide insulating, anti-corrosion and moisture resistance properties in the final product. Different companies can produce various and unique products that can be offered in competitive global markets by using aerogel.