Aerogel granule: IRonulAerogel granule PANDA IRogel insulation IRonul

Aerogel granules are the lightest commercial solid in the world and have a porosity of more than 97%. Nanometer porosity in the dimensions of 5 to 50 nm makes silica aerogels known as the best and strongest thermal insulation in the world, with thermal conductivity of 0.012 w/mK. The very low conductivity of aerogels is precisely due to the entrapment of air molecules in nanometer dimensions, which makes the mechanism of convective heat transfer insignificant. In conventional insulation, the convection mechanism is one of the most important factors of heat transfer.

Aerogel granules are produced in dimensions of 5 to 15 mm. Silica granules are completely transparent and transmit more than 70% of sunlight. The granules produced by PANDA IRogel Company are highly hydrophobic, which prevents moisture absorption and long-term efficiency in different climatic conditions. The density of the granules is very low, about 0.07 gr/m3. The specific surface area of ​​the produced granules is more than 600 m2/gr. Granules in different sizes and quantities are mainly used as additives in other products. Some applications of granules in additive form are:

  • water-based paint additives: Production of insulation paints for use in buildings and industries for high temperature and low temperature
  • Cement and concrete additive: Production of light, waterproof and anti-corrosion cement for use in various industries
  • Gypsum additive: Create anti-moisture gypsum, sound and heat insulation
  • Patina additive: creates a slow burning property
  • Cosmetic additive
  • polymers additive: Production of lightweight polymers and sound insulation
  • Additive for flame retardant paints: Increase high temperature tolerance at longer times and structural safety

The use of granules in the above products causes very high thermal insulation properties, simultaneous strong sound and moisture insulation. The extent to which new properties are created, depends on the type and amount of aerogel used. Today, aerogel paint and plaster products have been developed with different brands in the world, and their different advantages and characteristics have caused a great change in the public view of insulation.

In addition, granules in different quantities and dimensions are also used in bulk, such as:

  • Double glazed windows
  • Thermal insulation filled between layers of polycarbonate sheets
  • Double-layer fabrics filled with aerogel
  • Insulation of large tanks of petrochemical industries
  • Absorption of oil pollutants from aquatic environments
  • Catalysts of various processes
  • humidity absorber