Aerogel powder: IRonize  aerogel insulation PANDA IRogel insulation aerogel powder IRonize
PANDA IRogel Company has produced aerogel powder for the comfortable use of respected consumers. This product is the result of pulverizing aerogel granules. Aerogel powder consists of dimensions of 1 mm and less, which are created in the process of producing granular aerogel. Pure silica aerogels are brittle and crashed under mechanical stress. Despite being crushed, aerogel powder has all the properties of primary aerogels.  Aerogel powder has very low density about 0.07 gr/cm3 and can be mixed with various other materials to create thermal, acoustic and hydrophobic insulation properties.

IRonize is transparent due to the nanometer dimensions of their cavities and are found in light blue on dark backgrounds and pale yellow on light backgrounds. Can be used as an additive in:

  • A variety of water-based paints
  • Plaster
  • Cement
  • Sealing gels

Advantages of using aerogel powder:

  • Very good insulation with low thickness
  • Convenient application on different levels
  • Prevents the phenomenon of subsurface corrosion due to being superhydrophobic
  • The price is right