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Pakan atiye nano danesh PANDA IRogel aerogel insulation2

The strongest hot and cryogenic insulation

The nanometer porosity of aerogels causes these insulators to have the highest thermal resistance and the lowest thermal conductivity of 0.014 W/m.K among the insulators of the world. The required Aerogel insulation thickness is much less than conventional insulation, so they are easier to install and use. These insulators are very light and biocompatible, do not burn at all (tolerate 1100 ºC for several hours) and do not produce any contaminants.

The best super-hydrophobic hot and cryogenic insulation

Hot and cryogenic Aerogel insulation is highly hydrophobic due to special functional groups on its surfaces as well as nanometer air cushions trapped in the cavities and has a contact angle of more than 150º. Superhydrophobia causes a very long life time compared to other insulators and completely prevents the phenomenon of corrosion under the insulation (CUI) in various industries.

Insulation operating temperature: -200°C to +650ºC

Hot and cryogenic  Aerogel insulation is the only thermal insulation in the world that can withstand very low to very high temperatures simultaneously without disturbing its structure and efficiency. This is due to the very low thermal conductivity from 0.014 to 0.02 w/m.K. in the temperature range of -200°C to +650°C. Therefore, Aerogel insulators can be used as hot and cold insulation with excellent performance.

Sound and electrical insulation

The very high specific surface area of Aerogel insulation at about 500 to 1200 m2/gr and porosity of 80 to 95% causes the acoustic energy to lose its power in contact with multiple nanometer walls, and the sound speed Reduce  from 340 m/s to 100 m/s. The silica material of aerogels and the very low density of 0.003 to 0.2 gr/cm3 make them completely electrically insulating.Pakan atiye nano danesh PANDA IRogel aerogel insulation2

More than 20 years life time

The superhydrophobic surfaces of Aerogel insulation cause the air moisture condensate to not be absorbed by the insulation during the day and night, and its efficiency remains constant over time. Conventional insulation absorbs moisture and loses its effectiveness in a short time. Low thermal conductivity as well as long life time and maintaining the initial efficiency of insulation due to lack of moisture absorption, no leakage and cracking, causes the average reduction in energy consumption in the use of aerogel insulation be much higher than traditional insulation.

Production in the form of granules, powder, additives, blanket, jacket and insulation paint

PANDA IRogel Co., manufacturer of hot and cryogenic silica aerogel insulation in various forms including powders, granules, additives, insulation paints, board, flexible blanket and jacket in industrial scale. Aerogel blanks are produced in varies thicknesses, with the ability to cut in any geometry and with unique quality. Aerogel insulation paint has excellent properties and Aerogel additive is ready to use in aqueous solutions such as paint, plaster, cement and etc.

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