What is an aerogel?

The most widely used type of aerogel is the silica aerogel, which is formed in sol-gel process, in which the liquid-filled phase inside the nanoscale cavities is replaced by gas. For this reason, silica aerogels are the lightest known solids in the world and have hydrophobic properties.

Why aerogels are good thermal insulators?

The solid component in silica aerogel consists of small, intertwined three-dimensional clusters that make up only 3% by volume of silica aerogel and are very weak conductors. The remaining 97% of the aerogel volume is the air in the nanometer pores. This air has very little space to move, so it inhibits both heat transfer through convection and heat transfer through conduction in the gas phase. These properties make the aerogel to have the lowest density and be most effective thermal insulation in the world.

PANDA IRogel is a leading company in the new technology of aerogel insulation

PANDA IRogel Company is the first Iranian company that has succeeded in commercializing the technology of various types of aerogel insulation with nanotechnology and the efforts of local experts. Aerogel insulation products with unique innovations are a suitable solution to meet the most difficult thermal and refrigeration challenges of various industries. For more than twenty years, the world’s largest industries have been using aerogel insulators and enjoying their tremendous benefits. At present, aerogel insulations produced by PANDA IRogel Company have been used successfully and with complete satisfaction in the major industries of the country.