Flexible aerogel blanket: IRogel

Hot and cryogenic insulation

Flexible aerogel blankets are produced in thicknesses of 6,10 and 12 mm with width of 1m and length of up to 5m, by PANDA IRogel Company . Hot insulation is introduced under the brand name IRogelR and cryogenic insulation is introduced under the brand name IRogelZ. IRogels have the lowest heat transfer coefficient, 0.02 W/m.K,  among all other types of insulations in the world. IRogels can be used in the temperature range of -200 ºC to +650 ºC . The unique properties of IRogel insulation are:

  • Sound insulation
  • Waterproof
  • Fireproof
  • prevent corrosion under the insulation (CUI)  
  • Excellent performance at temperatures from -200ºC  to +650 ºC
  • Ultra-thin performance
  • Low volume and easy transport
  • bio compatible
  • Cutable in any geometry
  • Life time from 30 to 50 years
  • Ability to open and close the insulation several times for repairs or inspection
  • Very high tensile and compressive mechanical strength
  • Quick installation
  • Online installation on hot and cold lines
  • No shedding or cracking over time

Very low heat transfer coefficient, long life time and maintaining the initial performance  during life time cause the reduction of energy loss in the use of aerogel insulation be much higher than traditional insulation. Traditional insulations absorb moisture, they are mechanically loose, collapse or cracked during operation and severely lose their original performance in a short time. Flexibility and cutting ability as well as high mechanical strength of IRogels makes it possible to cover all surfaces with different geometries with the best quality and accuracy.

Nano-porous IRogels have unique properties that can be used in various industries such as refineries, petrochemicals, buildings, metallurgy, chemical and power plant  to reduce energy consumption and emissions. The many benefits of IRogel in the long run time reduce the huge costs of the industry and eliminate environmental problems, waste disposal and the production of pollutants. For example, one centimeter of IRogel can work at 300 ºC, equivalent to 10 centimeters of rock wool.

Cold and ultra-cold insulation (cryogenic)

Cold and cryogenic insulation has different characteristics and challenges than hot insulation and requires much more care in choosing the right insulation and proper installation. IRogels are completely waterproof and there is no possibility of ice formation on them. Also, the lack of moisture absorption causes the humidity of air and water can not cause damage to the insulation structure. IRogel insulation is a very suitable solution for all cold and cryogenic systems and solves all the challenges of these industries in the best possible way and for a long time. IRogel insulation can be used in the natural gas, oxygen and liquid nitrogen industries, refrigeration cycles of olefin units, petrochemicals, cold stores, etc.Aerogel insulation Aerogel blanket PANDA IRogel insulation