IRogel jacket insulation: IRojacket Aerogel jacket insulation PANDA IRogel insulation IRojacket

IRojacket hot and cold insulators are used to insulate complex and sensitive surfaces that require constant inspection. The use of flexible nano-porous, hydrophobic, thin, fireproof and strong Aerogel insulators inside the jackets makes the IRojacket insulations with precise design, high elegance, the possibility of high coverage and the ability to open and close easily with Low weight is created. Nano-porous aerogel insulators are the only insulators with performance in the temperature range of -200 ºC to +650 ºC. The advantages of using aerogel jacket insulation are:

  • Reduction of energy consumption with minimum heat transfer coefficient
  • Four times the thickness and ten times the volume reduction of the jacket insulation
  • Thinner, lighter and smaller volume jacket that makes it easy to open and close in inspection and repair
  • High precision and elegance of jacket stitching and better coverage of complex surfaces
  • Lifespan of more than twenty years of aerogel blankets
  • Waterproof, very high mechanical resistance, no shedding and stable to vibration
  • Sound and fire insulation
  • Jacket insulation for all surfaces from -200 to +650 ºC
  • Higher installation speed with low weight and volume
  • reduce start-up time of industrial projects means a significant reduction in costs
  • Affordable price relative to efficiency


Can be used in:

  • Gas turbines
  • Types of valves
  • Flanges
  • Types of pumps
  • Expansion joints