Aerogel insulation paint: IRopaint

IRopaint contains 60% nano-porous aerogel additive. Water-based spray paint insulation that contains aerogels are the new generation of thermal, acoustic and moisture insulators, and are the only spray insulators that have been approved and paid special attention in the world. Nano-porous aerogel has become the lightest commercial material and the strongest heat insulation in the world, and adding it to the water-based paint creates unique thermal properties. Paints are one of the most widely used materials in various parts of buildings, pipes, equipment, etc. Aerogel powder can be combined in the paint in a special way and give the paint thermal and acoustic insulation properties. Due to the nanoporous structure of the aerogel, small air bubbles inside the paint are trapped in large numbers and cause thermal and acoustic insulation. The application of paints is very easy and fast, and by adding thermal, acoustic and moisture insulation properties, they can help reduce energy consumption.

Advantages of using IRopait are:

  • Has the lowest thermal conductivity
  • Super hydrophobic and prevent corrosion under the coating surface
  • Very low heat penetration and prevention of burns caused by contact with hot surfaces
  • Prevent water vapor condensate in the workplace
  • Operating temperature -30 °C to +150 °C
  • Up to ten years useful life on gypsum, cement, brick and metal surfaces