Aerogel board: IRoboard

IRoboard in dimensions of 200*610*10 mm3 is produced using smooth ceramic fiber substrates. These types of blankets are very suitable for placement and installation on smooth surfaces, although they can also be used flexibly on curved surfaces. IRoboard can be used for high temperature application. They are completely hydrophobic and have the ability to cut in any shape.

IRoboards are stable for a long time at temperatures of -200 ºC to +650 ºC and will not be damaged. Thermal conductivity of IRoboard is 0.017 w/m.K, that is the lowest conductivity among different insulators in the world. IRoboard can be glued with fireproof glue or installed with metal fasteners. The entire volume of the blanket is filled with nanoporous aerogels and therefore have the lowest thermal conductivity, so that if one side of IRoboard with a thickness of 1 cm is at 1000 °C for several hours, the other side is less than 100 ºC. The superhydrophobicity of these IRoboard causes them to have a very long lifespan (more than 20 years) in working conditions because the condensation of ambient humidity and chemicals has no effect on reducing their efficiency. Condensation of air humidity causes water to be absorbed on conventional insulation and causes the thermal insulation to shrink and lose its efficiency.

The flatness of this type of aerogel blanket makes it very easy to use in the construction industry and these insulators are secured by clamping on a variety of surfaces. IRoboard are very light and do not create weight and volume in the structure. Lack of heat absorption and heat transfer by IRoboard insulation makes them a good candidate for use in the roof of the smelting and foundry industries. These types of blanks can be ordered in any number and are offered in packs of 20. PANDA IRogel Company is proud to produce insulation of this type of unique insulation to solve insulation problems and heat loss and energy costs of various industries.

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