Thermal and cryogenic IRogel insulation
PANDA IRogel Company is manufacturer of new generation aerogels based on nanotechnology. Aerogels are the lightest commercialized solid in the world and are the best thermal insulators in the world with a very low thermal conductivity of 0.014 W/m.K. Nanostructured insulators are a new generation of thermal insulators that have entered the field of competition with conventional thermal insulations. Nanostructured insulators are composed of solids with very high porosity. The existence of nano-structure has caused this type of material to have a wide variety of properties together, which leads to high efficiency for them. Aerogel insulation is now well received by many industries and many large industries are using it in large quantities. The most important sectors in which aerogel insulation is used are the oil and gas industry, the military and defense industries and construction. More than 50% of the aerogels market is dedicated to thermal insulation and is expected to be the largest consumer market for aerogels. The advantages of using aerogel insulators are:

  • Can be used in the temperature range of – 200 ºC to +650 ºC
  • Reduce energy waste
  • Reduce various pollutants in industries
  • Increase process safety
  • Reduce insulation costs
  • Development of insulation in complex situations that are beyond the scope of conventional insulation

Flexible aerogel blanket insulation (IRogel), aerogel board blanket (IRoboard), aerogel jacket insulation (IRojacket), aerogel insulation paint (IRopaint), granules (IRonul), powder (IRonize) and aerogel additive (IRoadd) are PANDA IRogel company products, which are produced completely natively by the iranian experts. The products of this company have excellent quality and are very affordable.